2019-2020 Season


FIRST Lego League:

Using our experience in Lego Robotics, we took part in many FLL events this year. We mentored 7 teams every Friday at our space in the mall, and volunteered at both the Downingtown Scrimmage, and Qualifier. During the scrimmage and qualifier, we spent day as timers in judging rooms, and as field resets for the robot game.

We also created a “Start your Own FLL Team website” You can check it out here: https://startyourfllteam.wordpress.com/

Demonstrating Robot to Santa and his Guests:

This year, we thought that it would be a nice idea to visit Santa. Since we practice at the mall, it’s an easy way to demonstrate our robot to a large crowd of people. We had a lot of fun having our robot do some tricks, and many people stopped just to watch our robot! Some people even stopped us on our way out and asked us more about FIRST!

All4 Lunch and Learn:

This year we had a Lunch and Learn session with All4. All4 is an environmental consulting and engineering company helping others in air and water quality, etc. After explaining to them what we do ourselves, we all split up and talked to different people based on the different interests of our members.