Main Outreach Events from this season!

Downingtown Area Robotics Open House

This event was held on August 10 and 11, 2018 at our permanent meeting space in the Exton Square Mall. This location is great for visibility of all of our FIRST programs. We were there both days to demonstrate FTC as well as FLL since we are recent graduates of that program. Along with our FRC and FTC team, we were able to recruit so many students to participate in all 4 of the FIRST programs that all the teams are filled and are on a waitlist for future students. There were so many people interested in FTC that we had to start another team for them.

Our location in the Exton Square Mall

Whenever we are practicing it always happens that someone wanders into our meeting space at the mall. This is probably because it looks like a regular store, where it is normal to walk in and out of the area. So when this does happen, we realize that we are ambassadors of all of FIRST and do our best to talk about what we have to offer and how they can participate.

Kids Tech Exploration Day Demonstrations

FIRST LEGO League demonstration by our team

This was an event at a local, major e-commerce company where we were able to demonstrate both FTC and FLL. The company, TURN 5 Inc., designed this event to provide knowledge & skills to children between the ages 7-13 with several hands-on demonstrations of new and growing technology.

Volunteering at FLL Scrimmage and Qualifier

Team members telling “Dad Jokes” during a break in the action.

Our team has volunteered to be timers and queuers for the FLL scrimmage in November, as well as their qualifier in December.

FLL and FLL Jr. Program Assistance

Members from both our team, and our sister team (FTC 7314) assist with a FIRST LEGO League Jr. activity.

Occasionally, several of our team members help out with the younger grades with FLL and FLL JR. and they give their expertise in any way they can.

3D printed hands for those who need them

We are in the beginning stages of 3D printing hands for those who need them. We decided to do this because we were able to buy a 3D printer with a grant we received, and thought this would be a good way to use that printer to “return the favor.” So far, we have printed a test hand, and plan on submitting it to the E-Nable foundation to be approved as a hand maker. Then, we will be able to make hands for those who signed up through their registry.

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